A Letter to CM Punjab

April 18, 2006

Respected Sir,

I want to bring to your kind notice that there is rampant corruption going on in every department in Punjab. Yesterday only at DTO office in Ludhiana I faced many corrupt officers who are not scared of asking for money in front of public. I saw that 5 to 6 officer or clerks were always standing outside the offices but when it was time to go, they were punctual to leave office. People like me went there every time and came back even after bribing them but no work was done. I know u and your govt officials would not work without hand greasing but now it has become difficult with that also. Officers and clerks (even peons) under your regime are so lethargic that it is tough to get work done. People lose time in such things and your officials would not let them go without harassing the hell out of their head.

I want to make mention about one Mrs.Kiranjit Kaur who is clerk in DTO office. She likes to see people fold hands in front of her. She has some kind of patronage from Mr.DTO. I am not aware that if she has your Aashirwaad also. In case you don’t have any connection with her, please conduct a secret raid on her house you will find more money than you have in your Moti Mahal. But if you have any relation, I guess I am addressing the wrong ears.
I am afraid you would ever check your email yourself and your PA and other people who are close to you would delete the email asap. They would abuse me. But you know I have to fulfill my dharma by bringing this to your notice. Anything which happens to me now is your responsibility. Although no use reminding you.


Yours Truly,



4 Responses to “A Letter to CM Punjab”

  1. Rajinder Singh Says:

    Hon’ble Chief Minister Ji,

    We would like to request you to behalf of all locality members of Sahid Bhagat Singh Nagar & Onkar Nagar, regarding unjustify action of own land in our locality by captured by Improvment Trust Phagwara with the name of south avenue scheme. So, we are requesting you to please help us other wise we all are protest against this type of action.

  2. Azhar Amir Malik Says:

    Respected CM Punjab Shahbaz Shreef,

    Sir I have submitted a letter #DOWS/CHK-46/2010 dated 07 February 2011.

    Subject;- Construction of Building alongwith approval of Boys College in the village of Khanpur,Chakwal. Az I have donated 12-kanal land free of cost for above mentioned purpose. But I am still waiting a reply and approval from your good self.

    With Humbale Regards,

    Azhar Amir Malik
    General Secretary
    Shah Murad Welfare Foundation (Regd)
    Khanpur, Chakwal
    Mobile# 0331-5065439 0312-5583430

  3. Azhar Amir Malik Says:

    As u have marked name and E-mail what can I do more because I have given my name and E-mail correct. Please help me in this regard to publish my request.


    Azhar Amir Malik

    General Secretary
    Shah Murad Welfare Foundation (Regd)
    Mobile # 03125583430

  4. Azhar Amir Malik Says:

    Please let me know that what is a problem with mt letter which marked by you that (your e-mail address will not to be bublished due ti required fields are marked.

    With best regards.

    Azhar Amir Malik

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