Reservation issue Contd…

April 20, 2006

The best part about this issue is that the Fathers of constitution had made the provision of reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs for ten years only. But the govt after that never had that courage to take the decision back. The lack of political will on part of all subsequent govts lead to the continuation of this provision and those ten years being extended everytime it came to expiry without any single voice of opposition. The point is that even the so called backward people understand that such stupid quotas are made for only a few who are already priviliged enuff. But who can teach these assholes??

The so called Dalit kI Beti Mayawati is such a big bitch. She can spend more than a Crore of Rupees on her b'day but wud never help any backward policy to get thru. She was the one who gave approval to Taj Corridor project but unfortunately the Congress is getting support from her in Central govt. She wud not spare a chance to abuse BJP, Congress and Mulayam Singh (UP CM another Goonda cum Politician) but wud take their support and form govt anytime. She does not have a single issue to raise in politics except for a fight for Dalits. But actually that fight is just for her own interests and exisitence. She has made Kanshi Ram captive with her muscle power. The goondi of UP wud ask for votes saying I am being harassed. Bloody liar bitch!!
Anyways the list of such politicians is never ending. Take for example Ram Vilas Paswan. He wud praise Sonia Gandhi, Lalu and everyone till they support him in Bihar election. But when it came to govt formation, those same Sonia and Lalu became non secular and anti Dalit. I dont understand how come this happen so fast that Sonia , Lalu and others change without themselves being aware. Another idiotic leader in this leader is Uma Bharti of BJP. Uff how I wish that she was little educated. She is flambuoyant but without common sense. She believes in raising issues by walking out of meetings. That is just vote politics. She wud realize her level soon.I pity this lady. How immoral these ladies like Sushma Sawraj and Uma Bharti could be I saw when Sonia was being offered PM post.
anyways the these leaders are none of my business. I want to keep my blog clean of shit.

Coming back to issue of reservations, I cud find such a lull over this issue among all political circles that is deafening.How cud anyone commit suicide in politics by just opposing this issue but the awareness is also less among people. The politicians who are bringing these issues up are not at all in favor of any kind of development. Let the fucked up oldie Arjun Singh come up and sit in any test today. He cant score a single pass mark in whichever field he specializes. I put a blind bet on that. And it is he, who is making competion tuffer for us. Bastard. Ur 7 coming generations cant clear any exam of any level u asshole Mr.HRD minister. see the poor condition of the Youngest country of world that the guy who manages the HR is near 80. Uff!! and then the PM and FM are best educated guys of country's govt. If they can drive the economy (their area of specilazation) then why not hire an MBA-HR to manage HR of country.

People tend ignore castes but these are the guys who wud never let us forget it. They wud fan all bad sentiments to bake their bread. People can be made aware of all this but for that it is imperative to have them educated. And that is what these politicians wud never allow to happen. Educated voter wud never vote for Mayawati or anybody asking for vote just because he is of his caste. Educated person wud not deal his vote for a bottle for hundred rupees only. they want more.They want roads, electicity. Not what politicians give. Promises!!!

See the Punjab Govt. They are inaugrating hundreds of projects now. Everyday Capt Amrinder appears on Advt in newspaper saying we did this we wud do that. Every nook and corner of Punjab says that they dint do anything for Punjab except for Water Protection which is under scrutiny of Nehra commission now. What is the logic of laying foundation stone for a project of more than years now??Only and only elections. The coming govt wud stop them(most probably this time Akali bastards wud win).What is the wisdom of cancelling work on Refinery in Bathinda. BP Plc left the project citing reasons which are clearly saying that politics has taken blood out of them. Now Capt govt wants to start the project just before elections. Bloody liars. They think that people are fools.

Well yes many many people are fools. The trend of political attachment is taking toll over the political wisdom. People of Akalis themselves say that we wud not work but first throw Capt behind bars as he did with Badal. If god gives me one chance, I wud blast both these assholes after putting dynamite between their Butts. Badal is the biggest cheat of world. HE uses religious sentiments of sikhs to dominate issues in Punjab. Corruption in Punjab was rampant at his time. His wife wud call up various offices to put sifarish. I am Mrs. BAdal here. What a way to tac bribe. These guys are also very intelligent. He has got millions of Rs but claims that I wud quit politics if caught. You wud never be caught Mr.Badal. We are so sure about it because all you thieves oh!! politicians wud never commit any mistake while frauding public. When people can get away with murders from point blank range only because they are well connected, who can harm you who are calling the shots.

God bless my country.


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  1. Its confirm now that Mayawati will be next Chief Minister of UP. I have written article about Mayawati on my Blog. Please read that article and write your reaction about article and Mayawati in Comment Box there. My blog id is :-

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