Food and Supply Officers in Punjab are making gold out of grains

April 22, 2006

The other day, Avtar Henry, Minister Food Supply Punjab was on TV (DD Punjabi) talking about the purchase of wheat from markets. The host was, I must admit,
too good. Command over language, content, ideas and questioning style, everything were good. Our minister sahib, who owns a fleet of more that 100 buses in
Avtar Transport service was the same promising politician who claims to have done this done that. He said that FCI and other agenices which buy from the
market are honest. I could never expect a joke bigger than this. Ohh God, please make him see the way the paddy crop is purchased from Mandis every year. The
sheller owner and farmer both are on the verge of suicide becoz of these thieves of FCI, PUNSUP, Punjab Agro etc. Every point of interface between Farmer or
sheller owner with these govt officials (read CHOR) is a pain point for the former. Even the labour and gatekeeper take their share in the blackmailing that
the govt is providing them every opportunity to do safely.Anyways coming back to programme, the other two guys who came for discussion were a farmer and a fermer leader. Both of them said that Govt should do this
for us an do that for us. I dont understant when u do ur farming, and earn profit (which they wud never admit) wud they share it with govt in the form of
taxes? When farm income is not taxed, then why pay subsidy to them? Let the farmers sell the crop in open market. when govt can purchase wheat from Australia
at more than Rs.1100 per quintal then who the hell forces farmer to sell it at Rs.651 in mandis. It's nexus between Arhtiyas, Market committee and FCI
officials to make the farmer sell it to private players. Farmers are not confident enuff and also not very educated. SO they sell it at whatever they get but
it is Flour mills and other hoarders who are benefitted.So whay ask for involvement of FCI and govt? Let them buzz off and sell it to the one who pays you the max. Govt can increase MSP to the level of cost i has
to incurr on getting wheat from abroad. It would definitely increase the rice for once but the farmers (70% of population) would get the equal benefit. Elite
class can easily pay for this increase of may be Rs.2 per kg in wheat flour. But in return get the Farm income added into the mainstream. Make all farmers
file I.T returns. Help them in this and provide employment to young guys who can count on finger tips in this sphere.Anyways the reform in food and supply are much awaited. Mr.Henry declared from there only that Central govt gave Rs.50 bonus over wheat crop this year. VEry
little very late. He gave his cell number, courtesy the anchor of the programme.


One Response to “Food and Supply Officers in Punjab are making gold out of grains”

  1. Samuel L. Says:

    I noticed that this is not the first time you write about this topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

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