An Open Letter to Mr.Narayan Murthy (NRN)

February 17, 2007

Dear Sir, 

It is indeed an honor that one of the most Respected Indians is reading my letter today. It’s been a long time that I was mulling about writing to you, but as you know, we IT people are busy (without work, sometimes) and under observation in offices. So, I kept on postponing this communication [I hope it does not end up being one way communication]

What prompted me to write to you was a piece written by you in Indian Express that IT alone would not be able to make much difference. All sectors including Manufacturing and Agriculture have to come together to take the nation further. I thought that see this person, how much he is concerned about
India. Even now after establishing Infy in global bigwigs, he is concerned about
India and Indian economy and not gone to US in a cozy Villa or Farmhouse.
I agree with you, not less than my own self. You are right (as always). I see you as a Leader, a visionary (not like President Kalam. who wrote India 2020 and kept quite). I admire you and follow what you say. Being ethical, honest, getting up early, sincere to work etc is what I have learnt from you only. But as they say, love brings hate too; I see some drawbacks in my ideal personality (that is YOU) which came to my mind coz of long observation of you, your words and actions.In you, I (and many of my friends) see a person who should be at the helm of affairs in this country. You should be there to guide this country of highly ill-informed, mislead, misjudged, ill-treated, illiterate and many more Ill’s. We keep thinking about how things should be. We keep on dreaming how we wud have GREAT NATION to live in. I always get frustrated to learn that some politician did this, some criminal did that, Courts are slow, Police is corrupt, System is corrupt, public property was burnt, girls were burnt alive in a bus and many more. I feel like taking a gun and shooting all those who are at fault. Sometimes I get frustrated so much that I feel like killing myself. No, not coz I have suffered. Coz I am not able to do anything for my country. I wish you cud understand how much energy flows up n down in this age (you might have observed it in your young age I believe). But unfortunately, if I do something like that, I would be declared to be a Terrorist, a tyrant. Nobody knows me so I can’t make much difference although I want to. You know the system well. You are also sad about it, you have also thought creatively/out of the box (as u say) to break all the system-created hurdles in our way to prosperity (a 2 Billion Co is enough of example).But somewhere I smell a “no-no” attitude in your thinking and actions. You want the system to change but you don’t want to join the fight. You want to clean the house but want to avoid the dirt catching
your hands. That is what frustrates me even more. If you could come in front of us, to lead the youth, we want to bring down the current day corrupt ppl from every place in system. Isn’t it too much for you yet? Aren’t you fed up of bandhs, killings in name of religions, crimes, lootings in every aspect, rising prices of everything Humans require.
We need someone whom ppl know, respect, admire to come in front and take a lead. I am not saying fight elections or something. But please be active to some extent. It was sad to see that NRN refused publicly (in a meeting with Pronnoy Roy and Bill Gates) to enter politics. Sir, you drive simple car and live in simple houses just because youth will follow you and it will bring down the greed and all. Then why not take active part in politics to set the pace among youth. You need not say anything about Lalu, Jayalalitha,Mulayam or anyone (considering Infy’s Business Interest). But sir, you can teach the 50000 workforce of Infy to take interest in this country’s system. I know you can convince all of them. If you start, everyone (including Premji, Shiv Nadar and everyone) will start something on these lines. We need people to know the issues of country. If you are scared of speaking in public, do it internally in Infy and classify the Speeches/Mailers.
Do something sir!!! It is getting late and late by everyday.

Waiting for your reply through your actions,


An Admirer 


24 Responses to “An Open Letter to Mr.Narayan Murthy (NRN)”

  1. Hiren Says:

    Very nice writeup. In my younger days, I used to admire the great jurist Nani Palkhivala whose budget criticisms were more popular than the budget itself. On being asked the same question, he said that “I don’t mind being nominated but I won’t be elected” Election invariable involves too many compromises as a result of which good people stay away though there is a famous saying” If good people do not enter politics, society will go to the puts.

    Only severe adversity can change the system, nothing else.

  2. Shrideep Says:

    Narayan Murthy might have built a world class software empire, it may have generated jobs, he may have paid taxes. All this is fine. But this does not give him any license to interfere in everything not related to him. He has become too arrogant, looking at the way he lectures on everything under the sun. His habit of finding fault with the system, government and society may earn him a few applauses from his blind admirers, but he should remember that it is the same system that nurtured him and his empire. Whatever may be the faults of our politicians, but the support given by the governments to his company must not be forgotten. Instead of appreciating it, he whines and cribs about the system, infrastructure at every platform, function. Really pathetic!!!

    His fans talk about his vision. All his statements show that his vision is limited to IT and the corporate world. He can’t see a thing beyond this and has lot of contempt for all things non-corporate. He has clearly displayed his contempt for rural people, regional languages. He blabbers on an on about income, revenue, globalisation, blah blah blah. But life is not just about markets, money and income. Culture, languages, history, agriculture – there are so many aspects that have to be respected. He behaves as if only the IT sector is the one which is working and all others are sitting idle. He sees regional languages in a negative light. He sees things related to language and culture as parochialism, a threten to his globalised world. Words like culture, language, arts have no mening for him, ther are a waste of time for this great so-called hero.

    • Deependra Mishra Says:

      forget abt him as a software entrepreneur

      every citizen have a right and DUTY to critisise the system and give solutions advices where ever he feels it is wrong

  3. anirban banerjee Says:

    ppl like naryan murthy r perfrect examples of the esteemed class of such hypocrites who have phoo-phooed their own ideological interpretations and highly held gestures. he is being constantly portrayed as a ‘pioneer’ who has revolutionised the way indians think about corporates.he is also shown as en ethical entreprenuer.but what about the loopholes that exist in his idea and practises. ppl like him never did what they professed. for example he always talks about nation’s developement and progress but his hobby-horse IT (the magic word for india now)has done tremendous torture on our academics in science and humanities . it has created a class conciousness based on economic empowerment in academia in india.proliferation of IT in every field has virtually stopped india’s fundemental research progress.unbound salaries have attracted young brains to a comparitively less demanding field and stagnate in corporate slavery .IT has found tremendous goverment and media support and other fundemental areas of study only got a result indian universities r nowhwere in the world’s top university list(not even in the top 400 list). naryanmurthy does not have the intellect to understand that a nation can not prosper without being original in its scientific and humanities learning. infosys has created india whose citizens get huge salaries ,go for cosmetic beautification,buy expensive cars when the real bharat dies in poverty and illiteracy.
    lastly,i would say that there is a great deal of reasons to smell rat about this sudden all-swiping IT boom in india .i suspect naryanmurthy’s r only puppets in the hands of the US.US will always want our country to lead in software backoffice jobs while they continue to attract our best minds to their country in order to advance theior own fundmental research works and to be able to reatain their suprimacy as a nation. are we trapped then? plz ask these questions to urselvs and try to be investigative.

  4. sussy roy Says:

    narayan Murthy , the great devil who has obliterated the lead of India in the research of basic science . fuck this bloody man !

  5. anamika rao Says:

    he might be a hero in the eyes of thomas Friedman or someone like that , but not in the eyes of us, the indians.

  6. batrasden Says:

    Dogs and following categories of people are not allowed to comment on Infy Issues: Those who
    1. Could not get into Infy due to tuff and good selection process
    2. Have to work for some 3rd grade company where there is no difference between humans and donkeys
    3. Have to work in pathetic work environment
    4. Working in highly political environment
    5. Dont get ESOPs in their companies
    6. Dont understand the Post of President should be non-political
    7. Dont know that in today’s times when India and Indians have embraced Capitalism, NRN is one of the most humble Capitalist who drives a Ford Ikon and not Gold Cutlery Laden Private Jets like Ambanis
    There are so many things…
    Also, by not selecting NRN, Politicians have done no harm to him…But by selecting Pratibha Patil (Criminal) they have slapped in the face of those who oppose NRN…Atleast he is not a criminal…As long as the Controversy abt NAtional Anthem goes…Even I dont respect it as it was written for a British Emperor…Come catch me and punish me for disrespecting the Bullshit…I love my country and it is my will how I do it…Many love India by supporting cricket…I dont… Everyone is free in this country…Even NRN and me…

  7. batrasden Says:


    You have a lot of Thoughts but all come to you while you are behaving like a Frog in a well…
    NRN being US’ agent…I pity your thoughts…
    Go to the Engg colleges in Deep of North Indian states…There is nothing taught to people..The candidates achieve degrees just for the name and then starts the tuff time of searching job…The so called GREAT companies you referring to are all looking for well qualified and trained engineers…So the above category (there are a lot of them) all wait and wait…You cant be experienced/Trained untill u get a job…U cant get a job when you are not trained…What a pity…I think it is called in Catch 22 in my world…I dont know wht u hi fi ppl call it…So now if NRN and Infy are building such capacity wherein even less qualified guys are also getting work, is it bad for u…Does it increase the Income Gap among rich and poor or decrease it…My education says IT is bringing downtrodden ppl on the same platform where you Urban Rich assholes are sitting and preaching us…You are preaching, IT companies are acting…Stop cribbing about product…U cockroach mentality…you cant see anyone happy and grow anyways…Fuck off from here…

  8. Astrologer Says:

    I really pitty and dont understand people who can even “think” a word against a person like NRN. A visionary with ethics and principles…

  9. Sudip Chakraborty Says:

    Dear Reader,

    Could someone help me to find the e-mail address of Mr. Narayan Murthy as I wish to write a letter to him directly.

    Thanks for your help!



  10. It’s not a whole fully covered view using a survey or some sort of statistical analysis. Nope it’s my thinking and my logic which most people will find it wrong, coz it goes against the normal system or normal human thinking. Yes I always am against the system.

    I believe most IT companies in India, like Infosys and Wipro are built on the foundation of pure exploitation using pyramid structures.

    For how many years these companies have been in IT. Any single good product which has come in the market out of their innovation. Except some crappy products like Flow-Brix or Finnacle, innovation is 0%. Why? coz outsourcing is easy and doing repetitive work for US customers late nights is normal.

    Most people who work on outsource projects, who work late to get onsite opportunities or after many years a managerial role. Personal life is sacrificed at the cost of work, and listening to American clients who will never come to office on time. I agree after 10 years you get to be at a good position if you struggle and everyone says hard work is good. But have you ever asked yourself –> Do people in US companies also work this way? Late hours for onsite opportunities or higher pay, no they work according from 9 to 6, not staying back for client calls. I read that article written by Narayan Murthy saying something like –> people work late hours coz they enjoy the AC environment etc in bachelor life. No this is horribly wrong, nobody enjoys the office even if you make it a five star hotel. Everyone likes his / her home no matter how shabby it may be. It’s just to impress managers who give you promotions and grades based on your timings. yes those same mentally sick managers you people have made up. It’s the system followed by IT companies in India which is so sick that even a year in a mental institution can’t fix that. Personal life goes to hell.

    Question is why don’t you develop something innovative, forget the US clients. Make them equal to us, so they don’t treat us like some 3rd grade people. U won’t do that, coz employees don’t complain and you make big money easily without an effort. Innovative thoughts have never been encouraged in sick indian institutions which we calls schools, where a person loses his / her IQ. We don’t need Phd’s for innovation, a simple idea can make a big dent.

    Consider git – open source version control system. I accept it was complex, but the concept of distributed system was very simple and nobody thought about it. Why? Nobody had the time. What products like Flow-Brix advocate call innvoation is actually a copy. It’s a sick example of work flow management system which has been around for many many years.

    Solution to outsourcing is applying IT in areas where it’s needed. I still don’t think IT has come to India. It came and it’s being outsourced. Still gov records are on paper, traffic control system and numerous other things are paper. How the hell can you call India an IT country? It’s a fools paradise we are living in. Until IT is applied at the most basic level and exploitation by these companies stop, India will still be a non – IT country thanks to Wipro, Infosys (so called pioneers of IT)

  11. Infosysobserver Says:

    NRN is a big time crook. if he is so much concerned about ethics and principles then wehy does he construct SEZ’s and STP’s and thus ensures that his company doesnt pay even a single penny towards tax for 30 odd years and the hapless employees are taxed on their hard earned money. Their crooked company has a 45% variable pay and 55% fixed pay structure and this way not a single employee gets 100% of his pay . also a guy who preaches about nationalism but considers it below his dignity to listen to the indian national anthem does not qualify to be an indian citizen leave alone being a president. Now for all his psychopantic incapable and incomptent admirers of him I am extremely sorry for that. what really impressed me in this website was the fact that there indians with spine who had the guts to call a spade a spade by taking on this tax evading, famrland snatching crook by the name NRN.

  12. manjunath Says:

    i believe vision is something pure and no spurious and is a good feeling in heart at the same a fan of him since i was in collage i would pronounce out if sri narayan murthy’s vision was infosys then the reports being out by media in regards to taxes and other negative statements made by others do lay a question on the integrity of the vision . what is the reason for people to call sri narayan murthy with adjectives?.why hasnt infosys paid the taxes,at this point where are the principle and ethics of infosys company? this perhaps the big-wig would answer.ball is in his highnesses court.i too have the same vision in sense to make somthing huge impact be a mover and shaker in the world.

  13. manjunath Says:

    in concatenation, to my first blog ,its no offendive its just my opinion. a new kid on the block havin a huge vision, asking for clarification

  14. Animesh Says:

    Simple Answer – Narayan Murthy is a fucking asshole

  15. KP1 Says:

    you should see “Sutradhar” movie of Nana patekar and Girish karnad You will realize why Mr. Murthy does not want to join politics. It is a difficult world and “simple” people like him cannot do the job, just like what Dr Kalam did.

  16. Yogi Says:

    Very good article. I am also admirer of NRN

  17. Abhishek Says:

    If NRN who is from a humble family did indeed rise thro’ hard and smart efforts, what else is the better way. He has every right to question the system and he can use his power and influence to set the system right. It is really a welcome move.

  18. Abhishek Says:

    just don’t look at infosys, NRN who has built such a big company is great.But not few people who earn their bread from Infy. Like NRN we have plenty of Indian minds-See example BR Raghav from Innovlite who is popularising INNOVLITE. We have many such enterpreneurs who needs Funds and Right kind of environment to speed up their action.

  19. Sameer Kumar Says:

    For all the people talking negatives about Mr. NRN, please get yourself a reality check about the way Indian government functions. There is a saying – god helps those who helps themselves. Infy or for that matter any IT consulting company can only help a nation or any entity which is willing to accept a positive change in its working process and willing to adopt a technology based solution. Indian government still functions on age old processes because of the lack of political will in some of the operational aspects.
    Moreover one must observe why these IT biggies are in the place where they are today. Its primarily because of liberation of Indian economy in the year 1991. Before that it was as difficult for Mr. NRN to get a telephone connection as it was for anyone who had applied for it.
    Aspects concerning consumerism have a political will in this country. Otherwise why is it much easier to get a GSM connection or a passport or driving licence or a voting card than getting a Ration card or a Gas connection for a common man?
    Lastly at a time when Ambanis or Tatas were busy lobbying the corridors of Delhi for Licenses until 1980s, the IT biggies of today struggled to establish even a one chair office. Today when one can use the same model of cellphone which is the latest in the western markets, it is due to the growing economy of India.
    Dont just look at the software engineers who work at Infy but also have a look at the entrepeneurs who are atking Infy for an example today.

  20. sfdcnov Says:

    Hello Admirer,
    I have gone through each and every line of your words instinct with energy/frustration. Before commenting on this, I would appreciate if you can make me understand your thoughts/work contribution to the nation apart from posting in this blog.

    An Admirer

  21. manjunatha gururaj Says:

    narayana murthy wants only his it business grow all agri lands converted into sez’s everyone sacrificing their personal lives sitting in its den as dirty slaves doing chamcha giri .

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