Reading a newspaper, watching a News Channel and Listening to radio in India these days is not refreshing anymore. Rather I would say it is the most irritating thing coz u realize that in the name of News, marketing, PR, cheating and everything else is being forcefully being pumped in your brain. You know it but there are no aternatives. I read/listen/watch News very selectively. Read the facts and forget the (so-called) analysis which the marketing guys of company/lobby/industry do to change the pubic mood and support.

Anyways my aim today is not to criticize the Times of India/Aaja Tak which as a newspaper/News Channel sux big time. Neither I want to abuse practice of selling newspaper space for marketing purpose. I intend to bring to fore a problem which now has become a big boil on our country’s body. Yes I am talking abt the media driven craze of cricket and bollywood.

BTW, it happens to be 23rd March today. The day on which, in 1931, 3 warriors of India’s Fight for freedom, were hanged by the British Govt, basically to revenge the killing of Sanderers. S.Bhagat Singh had the additional charge of throwing a bomb in Indian Parliament. I expected our esteemed Newspapers will atleast put a picc of these great souls on atleast last page of something so that those who read paper thoroughly, get glimpse of them and remember that today we have to pay homage to them and take a vow that yes we will remember their values (m saying remember not follow,since that will be tuff for our career focussed youth, including me).

Many of us are worshipping the so called heroes of cricket and Bollywood but I thought it is necessary to remind that their were some heroes who could not fix their ‘match’ with British govt, there was no power play and they didn’t get a re-take in their ‘shootings’ ‘stunts’ and ‘adventures’ and gave up their life when they could think of bheege honths.

I request you to take a pledge that all we do in our life will reflect that –

Yes, we remember those great souls and we are thankful to them for what they did for us. Their sacrifice will never be wasted. We will not let our country go down in hands of the corrupt, we’ll fight for the justice and not take any injustice without fighting, we’ll do our bit to help the under-privileged countrymen by educating them, empowering them and building a strong nation which will worship all the freedom fighters and not call them terrorists in textbooks.

I vow that I’ll teach atleast 1 child from the salary I get after I complete my Confirmation in Job.