Thank god India’s Out

March 24, 2007

I am happy today. Very happy. All those fears are gone that India will lose this much of revenue in productivity becoz ppl will watch match till late nites. All the mails and calls and SMS saying India will win the world cup will stop. Now only a few cricket crazy ppl will follow the WC and rest all India Supporters who have misunderstood Patriotism with Cricket will start going to washroom as their body feels and not that when one over end.

I know some ppl still are hoping that B’desh loses to Bermuda n we reach super 8 but guys there are no feelings inside me to comfort their hope. I’ll pray like I did yesterday that India does not enter Super 8 and I’ll treat my friends if this happens.

Enjoy cricket  but dont make these cricketers ur role-models, gods or heroes. They r none in ur life. They play or don’t play, they will be rich. You are just being fooled by marketing campaigns and the companies who have spend millions on these Flop Guys. I am thankful to Dravid and His team that they let all the fools down very soon. I hope now ppl will get rid of this disease called cricket and give equal advantage to all games in India and we might get a Olympic 10-12 years down the line. I hope that cash full coffers of BCCI will attract some attention of Govt (Although remote possibility), I hope that shameless asshole Sharad Pawar quits BCCI (no chance although), I hope all marketing with cricketers stops (huh!!!) and all advt companies make it a point to Dhoni that if u are gonna be a model, stop playing cricket.

Probably if we had a WC of Advt, we must have won hands down. But Alas, ICC is not under Sharad Pawar 😦

Jai Hind!!!


India’s InflationWoes

February 23, 2007

Despite calculating Inflation thru all worng methods to show it minimum on paper, India’s EFFICIENT govt ‘managed’ to achieve inflation rates higher than 6% which is horribly bad for People. For economy, there is no need to discuss since everything about it is bad. So, after one month of rampant price rise, the leaders felt the heat. They were so sure that the flawed methods of calculating inflation will never let the true inflation rate come out in public. But now it has come so they want START the BLAME GAME. First the Finance Minister says there is lot of Liquidity in market. So he asks RBI, what can be done? RBI as usual does not have any wisdom and as usual, said, we’ll hike interest rates on home loans and personal loans and blah blah…How many times in past year they have increase home loan rates, even thye wont remember. Since they wont pay out from their pocket. It has become a fashion in Indian Financial system to TAX the Middle class. The Upper elite class is not taxed since they pay bribes to these ministers and there is not question of Taxing the poor.

Anyways so then they thought inflation wud be controlled. But no. It went up. So now what? They start thinking OF innovative ways. They cud not find one, coz there is none. The FM then told PM Manmohan Singh that I cant stop the hoarding of the articles which is a State subject. What a crap. The biggest Bottleneck between the ppl and food items is not the Hoarders. It is the Railways.

We have heard a lot of great stories abt Railways’ revival. Minister went to IIM with his CASE STUDY. Crap n only Crap is what we should call it. Generally all the vegetables were being ferried in trucks given the POOREST track record of Railways in this. But since the competion from trucks/Road transport grew, Railways lost market share. Then the real action came and Railways influenced the Road Transport Ministry to Cut the maximum limit which Trucks can load in one go. So the cost of ferrying in trucks went miles high and railways gained some market share back…But all at the cost of poor common man and middle class. So when u read the PR campaign by Lalu that he has done this done that, plz check how much up ur budget has gone up. Indian Media as I always say, SUCKS!!! Bastards of Top order are filling up Newspapers and Media channels who get gifts at home for glorifying the looters.

Another factor which has given Inflation a Northward Push is OUR OWN commodity Exchange. I dont want to question the wisdom of P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia but I can close my eyes and predict the biggest reason for price rise as the Future Trading in commodities. Why the hell these Minsiters/Officials are playing with fire here. Do we really need a commodity exchange? We are just sufficient in terms of food. (the year crop fails we import)In Gold and all, we are biggest importers. Petroleum, is nowhere in India. Then why let the looters of Public play with what is essential for common man. Exchanges like this make sense in London and NY where they have huge reserves of everything for any contingency. We are just a new born baby in Emerging economies and we started the worst trading of its kind. The gamblers win crores and who pays? We, the common man.

But who will teach PC, MS or MSA? Bloody boasting abt the economy growth is the biggest farce of century. Even if nobody is running this country, it will grow at more than 8%. But the question is that what is that growth made up of? 6% inflation has to be subtracted from growth rate only then we realize what was the real rate. If this growth story is made to attract Foreign Investments, plz keep it away from the dogs of Indian media who get this chance to BREAK NEWS.

My message to top running (or not) this country is that please look at India as a developing nation, let all hell let loose to grow like China is doing. We can start these commodities trading when India has full godowns of wheat n rice for public. And Mr.La Loo, you can fool your poor villagers (coz u never let them go to school n never built one school) but not me n those who understood ur farce the very first day. Bloody improve ur image in front of Villagers by working and not in IIM-A coz we all know u are a BASTARD.

Sunil Bharti Mittal may have made big bucks out of the mobile telephony revolution in India, but the man says it was a saga of struggle, fight and the "mother of all battles." When he began his entrepreneurial venture in 1985, he was "ignored" and "laughed at" thereafter, before the "fight" erupted in the telecom sector leading to what he calls "mother of all battles" from which he came out "fairly successful," he said. Sharing his thoughts with students and faculty of Indian Institute Management, Bangalore, at a convocation function, the Chairman and Group Managing Director of Bharti Enterprises said: "I am a new age entrepreneur. I believe I represent the changing face of India." "When I came out of college in 1976, I was told by all my friends and people generally older and guiding me in my hometown in Ludhiana that the pole-positions…the grand-stand positions have already been taken up by those who mattered." There were large business houses, and the public sector had a huge grip, he recalled. For a young, struggling entrepreneur with very little capital, who has just come out of college, the space was indeed very limited, he said. "But somehow the heart was not willing to accept. And one had to push on and push forward with every little opportunity that one got in one's life." Mittal said the period — 1976 to 1985 — was a period of great struggle, of great pain but one of great learning. "Learning that I could not take from B-school because I went straight to business after university… I picked up on the streets. I learnt my lessons on the streets and at every opportunity, tried to assimilate, gather, absorb some of the practices that were required to create an enterprise." He said he saw his first battle with "big boys" in 1985-86 when he first launched India's first push-button telephones. "My romance with telecom started in 1985." "Mahatma Gandhi once said: 'at first, they ignore you'; these were the times when I was being ignored." "It's important that at this stage you be ignored. Because spotlight at an early time of your lifecycle does not give you any extra advantage but certainly puts you at a great disadvantage." "Gandhiji said: 'then they laugh at you.' In 1992, Mittal said he applied for mobile licence — India's first attempt to provide mobile telephone services. "I felt we had the passion to deliver India's first mobile phone services. Many thought otherwise. We threw our hat in the ring." He said 1993, 1994 and 1995 saw some major litigations around this area. Our first licence was awarded in 1995. "Bharti got a licence to provide mobile telephony in Delhi. People were still laughing. Because this was supposed to be a business with very deep pockets." It was only later that he realised that this business needed "large monies". Those were difficult times, Mittal said. "When it came to providing mobile services in the rest of the country… it saw the awakening of all those who missed in round one." "Everybody who missed out in the first round… large industrial houses to many others came and jumped in round two. Bidding that happened in that round edged out almost all entrepreneurial initiatives. The bid went at Rs 85,000 crore and this was in 1996." "Most of the bids were picked up by people who had less knowledge about this business," Mittal said, adding, Bharti then expanded slowly picking up the circles of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Chennai followed by Punjab and Kolkata, among others. "Then the juggernaut (Bharti) started rolling," he said. "Then they fight you. Then the big fight erupted in the telecom arena. They had ignored us, they had laughed at us and the fight had begun. And we were willing to fight this battle out because it was truly the mother of all battles." Mittal said the company believed that "if the business is about people and customers and not about money and technology, it thought it can win the war." "After three years of fight, we came out fairly successful out of this. As Gandhiji said, those who try hard with lot of passion, eventually win."