Dear Sir, 

It is indeed an honor that one of the most Respected Indians is reading my letter today. It’s been a long time that I was mulling about writing to you, but as you know, we IT people are busy (without work, sometimes) and under observation in offices. So, I kept on postponing this communication [I hope it does not end up being one way communication]

What prompted me to write to you was a piece written by you in Indian Express that IT alone would not be able to make much difference. All sectors including Manufacturing and Agriculture have to come together to take the nation further. I thought that see this person, how much he is concerned about
India. Even now after establishing Infy in global bigwigs, he is concerned about
India and Indian economy and not gone to US in a cozy Villa or Farmhouse.
I agree with you, not less than my own self. You are right (as always). I see you as a Leader, a visionary (not like President Kalam. who wrote India 2020 and kept quite). I admire you and follow what you say. Being ethical, honest, getting up early, sincere to work etc is what I have learnt from you only. But as they say, love brings hate too; I see some drawbacks in my ideal personality (that is YOU) which came to my mind coz of long observation of you, your words and actions.In you, I (and many of my friends) see a person who should be at the helm of affairs in this country. You should be there to guide this country of highly ill-informed, mislead, misjudged, ill-treated, illiterate and many more Ill’s. We keep thinking about how things should be. We keep on dreaming how we wud have GREAT NATION to live in. I always get frustrated to learn that some politician did this, some criminal did that, Courts are slow, Police is corrupt, System is corrupt, public property was burnt, girls were burnt alive in a bus and many more. I feel like taking a gun and shooting all those who are at fault. Sometimes I get frustrated so much that I feel like killing myself. No, not coz I have suffered. Coz I am not able to do anything for my country. I wish you cud understand how much energy flows up n down in this age (you might have observed it in your young age I believe). But unfortunately, if I do something like that, I would be declared to be a Terrorist, a tyrant. Nobody knows me so I can’t make much difference although I want to. You know the system well. You are also sad about it, you have also thought creatively/out of the box (as u say) to break all the system-created hurdles in our way to prosperity (a 2 Billion Co is enough of example).But somewhere I smell a “no-no” attitude in your thinking and actions. You want the system to change but you don’t want to join the fight. You want to clean the house but want to avoid the dirt catching
your hands. That is what frustrates me even more. If you could come in front of us, to lead the youth, we want to bring down the current day corrupt ppl from every place in system. Isn’t it too much for you yet? Aren’t you fed up of bandhs, killings in name of religions, crimes, lootings in every aspect, rising prices of everything Humans require.
We need someone whom ppl know, respect, admire to come in front and take a lead. I am not saying fight elections or something. But please be active to some extent. It was sad to see that NRN refused publicly (in a meeting with Pronnoy Roy and Bill Gates) to enter politics. Sir, you drive simple car and live in simple houses just because youth will follow you and it will bring down the greed and all. Then why not take active part in politics to set the pace among youth. You need not say anything about Lalu, Jayalalitha,Mulayam or anyone (considering Infy’s Business Interest). But sir, you can teach the 50000 workforce of Infy to take interest in this country’s system. I know you can convince all of them. If you start, everyone (including Premji, Shiv Nadar and everyone) will start something on these lines. We need people to know the issues of country. If you are scared of speaking in public, do it internally in Infy and classify the Speeches/Mailers.
Do something sir!!! It is getting late and late by everyday.

Waiting for your reply through your actions,


An Admirer