Thank god India’s Out

March 24, 2007

I am happy today. Very happy. All those fears are gone that India will lose this much of revenue in productivity becoz ppl will watch match till late nites. All the mails and calls and SMS saying India will win the world cup will stop. Now only a few cricket crazy ppl will follow the WC and rest all India Supporters who have misunderstood Patriotism with Cricket will start going to washroom as their body feels and not that when one over end.

I know some ppl still are hoping that B’desh loses to Bermuda n we reach super 8 but guys there are no feelings inside me to comfort their hope. I’ll pray like I did yesterday that India does not enter Super 8 and I’ll treat my friends if this happens.

Enjoy cricket  but dont make these cricketers ur role-models, gods or heroes. They r none in ur life. They play or don’t play, they will be rich. You are just being fooled by marketing campaigns and the companies who have spend millions on these Flop Guys. I am thankful to Dravid and His team that they let all the fools down very soon. I hope now ppl will get rid of this disease called cricket and give equal advantage to all games in India and we might get a Olympic 10-12 years down the line. I hope that cash full coffers of BCCI will attract some attention of Govt (Although remote possibility), I hope that shameless asshole Sharad Pawar quits BCCI (no chance although), I hope all marketing with cricketers stops (huh!!!) and all advt companies make it a point to Dhoni that if u are gonna be a model, stop playing cricket.

Probably if we had a WC of Advt, we must have won hands down. But Alas, ICC is not under Sharad Pawar 😦

Jai Hind!!!