Reading a newspaper, watching a News Channel and Listening to radio in India these days is not refreshing anymore. Rather I would say it is the most irritating thing coz u realize that in the name of News, marketing, PR, cheating and everything else is being forcefully being pumped in your brain. You know it but there are no aternatives. I read/listen/watch News very selectively. Read the facts and forget the (so-called) analysis which the marketing guys of company/lobby/industry do to change the pubic mood and support.

Anyways my aim today is not to criticize the Times of India/Aaja Tak which as a newspaper/News Channel sux big time. Neither I want to abuse practice of selling newspaper space for marketing purpose. I intend to bring to fore a problem which now has become a big boil on our country’s body. Yes I am talking abt the media driven craze of cricket and bollywood.

BTW, it happens to be 23rd March today. The day on which, in 1931, 3 warriors of India’s Fight for freedom, were hanged by the British Govt, basically to revenge the killing of Sanderers. S.Bhagat Singh had the additional charge of throwing a bomb in Indian Parliament. I expected our esteemed Newspapers will atleast put a picc of these great souls on atleast last page of something so that those who read paper thoroughly, get glimpse of them and remember that today we have to pay homage to them and take a vow that yes we will remember their values (m saying remember not follow,since that will be tuff for our career focussed youth, including me).

Many of us are worshipping the so called heroes of cricket and Bollywood but I thought it is necessary to remind that their were some heroes who could not fix their ‘match’ with British govt, there was no power play and they didn’t get a re-take in their ‘shootings’ ‘stunts’ and ‘adventures’ and gave up their life when they could think of bheege honths.

I request you to take a pledge that all we do in our life will reflect that –

Yes, we remember those great souls and we are thankful to them for what they did for us. Their sacrifice will never be wasted. We will not let our country go down in hands of the corrupt, we’ll fight for the justice and not take any injustice without fighting, we’ll do our bit to help the under-privileged countrymen by educating them, empowering them and building a strong nation which will worship all the freedom fighters and not call them terrorists in textbooks.

I vow that I’ll teach atleast 1 child from the salary I get after I complete my Confirmation in Job.


India’s InflationWoes

February 23, 2007

Despite calculating Inflation thru all worng methods to show it minimum on paper, India’s EFFICIENT govt ‘managed’ to achieve inflation rates higher than 6% which is horribly bad for People. For economy, there is no need to discuss since everything about it is bad. So, after one month of rampant price rise, the leaders felt the heat. They were so sure that the flawed methods of calculating inflation will never let the true inflation rate come out in public. But now it has come so they want START the BLAME GAME. First the Finance Minister says there is lot of Liquidity in market. So he asks RBI, what can be done? RBI as usual does not have any wisdom and as usual, said, we’ll hike interest rates on home loans and personal loans and blah blah…How many times in past year they have increase home loan rates, even thye wont remember. Since they wont pay out from their pocket. It has become a fashion in Indian Financial system to TAX the Middle class. The Upper elite class is not taxed since they pay bribes to these ministers and there is not question of Taxing the poor.

Anyways so then they thought inflation wud be controlled. But no. It went up. So now what? They start thinking OF innovative ways. They cud not find one, coz there is none. The FM then told PM Manmohan Singh that I cant stop the hoarding of the articles which is a State subject. What a crap. The biggest Bottleneck between the ppl and food items is not the Hoarders. It is the Railways.

We have heard a lot of great stories abt Railways’ revival. Minister went to IIM with his CASE STUDY. Crap n only Crap is what we should call it. Generally all the vegetables were being ferried in trucks given the POOREST track record of Railways in this. But since the competion from trucks/Road transport grew, Railways lost market share. Then the real action came and Railways influenced the Road Transport Ministry to Cut the maximum limit which Trucks can load in one go. So the cost of ferrying in trucks went miles high and railways gained some market share back…But all at the cost of poor common man and middle class. So when u read the PR campaign by Lalu that he has done this done that, plz check how much up ur budget has gone up. Indian Media as I always say, SUCKS!!! Bastards of Top order are filling up Newspapers and Media channels who get gifts at home for glorifying the looters.

Another factor which has given Inflation a Northward Push is OUR OWN commodity Exchange. I dont want to question the wisdom of P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia but I can close my eyes and predict the biggest reason for price rise as the Future Trading in commodities. Why the hell these Minsiters/Officials are playing with fire here. Do we really need a commodity exchange? We are just sufficient in terms of food. (the year crop fails we import)In Gold and all, we are biggest importers. Petroleum, is nowhere in India. Then why let the looters of Public play with what is essential for common man. Exchanges like this make sense in London and NY where they have huge reserves of everything for any contingency. We are just a new born baby in Emerging economies and we started the worst trading of its kind. The gamblers win crores and who pays? We, the common man.

But who will teach PC, MS or MSA? Bloody boasting abt the economy growth is the biggest farce of century. Even if nobody is running this country, it will grow at more than 8%. But the question is that what is that growth made up of? 6% inflation has to be subtracted from growth rate only then we realize what was the real rate. If this growth story is made to attract Foreign Investments, plz keep it away from the dogs of Indian media who get this chance to BREAK NEWS.

My message to top running (or not) this country is that please look at India as a developing nation, let all hell let loose to grow like China is doing. We can start these commodities trading when India has full godowns of wheat n rice for public. And Mr.La Loo, you can fool your poor villagers (coz u never let them go to school n never built one school) but not me n those who understood ur farce the very first day. Bloody improve ur image in front of Villagers by working and not in IIM-A coz we all know u are a BASTARD.

Dear Sir, 

It is indeed an honor that one of the most Respected Indians is reading my letter today. It’s been a long time that I was mulling about writing to you, but as you know, we IT people are busy (without work, sometimes) and under observation in offices. So, I kept on postponing this communication [I hope it does not end up being one way communication]

What prompted me to write to you was a piece written by you in Indian Express that IT alone would not be able to make much difference. All sectors including Manufacturing and Agriculture have to come together to take the nation further. I thought that see this person, how much he is concerned about
India. Even now after establishing Infy in global bigwigs, he is concerned about
India and Indian economy and not gone to US in a cozy Villa or Farmhouse.
I agree with you, not less than my own self. You are right (as always). I see you as a Leader, a visionary (not like President Kalam. who wrote India 2020 and kept quite). I admire you and follow what you say. Being ethical, honest, getting up early, sincere to work etc is what I have learnt from you only. But as they say, love brings hate too; I see some drawbacks in my ideal personality (that is YOU) which came to my mind coz of long observation of you, your words and actions.In you, I (and many of my friends) see a person who should be at the helm of affairs in this country. You should be there to guide this country of highly ill-informed, mislead, misjudged, ill-treated, illiterate and many more Ill’s. We keep thinking about how things should be. We keep on dreaming how we wud have GREAT NATION to live in. I always get frustrated to learn that some politician did this, some criminal did that, Courts are slow, Police is corrupt, System is corrupt, public property was burnt, girls were burnt alive in a bus and many more. I feel like taking a gun and shooting all those who are at fault. Sometimes I get frustrated so much that I feel like killing myself. No, not coz I have suffered. Coz I am not able to do anything for my country. I wish you cud understand how much energy flows up n down in this age (you might have observed it in your young age I believe). But unfortunately, if I do something like that, I would be declared to be a Terrorist, a tyrant. Nobody knows me so I can’t make much difference although I want to. You know the system well. You are also sad about it, you have also thought creatively/out of the box (as u say) to break all the system-created hurdles in our way to prosperity (a 2 Billion Co is enough of example).But somewhere I smell a “no-no” attitude in your thinking and actions. You want the system to change but you don’t want to join the fight. You want to clean the house but want to avoid the dirt catching
your hands. That is what frustrates me even more. If you could come in front of us, to lead the youth, we want to bring down the current day corrupt ppl from every place in system. Isn’t it too much for you yet? Aren’t you fed up of bandhs, killings in name of religions, crimes, lootings in every aspect, rising prices of everything Humans require.
We need someone whom ppl know, respect, admire to come in front and take a lead. I am not saying fight elections or something. But please be active to some extent. It was sad to see that NRN refused publicly (in a meeting with Pronnoy Roy and Bill Gates) to enter politics. Sir, you drive simple car and live in simple houses just because youth will follow you and it will bring down the greed and all. Then why not take active part in politics to set the pace among youth. You need not say anything about Lalu, Jayalalitha,Mulayam or anyone (considering Infy’s Business Interest). But sir, you can teach the 50000 workforce of Infy to take interest in this country’s system. I know you can convince all of them. If you start, everyone (including Premji, Shiv Nadar and everyone) will start something on these lines. We need people to know the issues of country. If you are scared of speaking in public, do it internally in Infy and classify the Speeches/Mailers.
Do something sir!!! It is getting late and late by everyday.

Waiting for your reply through your actions,


An Admirer 

The best part about this issue is that the Fathers of constitution had made the provision of reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs for ten years only. But the govt after that never had that courage to take the decision back. The lack of political will on part of all subsequent govts lead to the continuation of this provision and those ten years being extended everytime it came to expiry without any single voice of opposition. The point is that even the so called backward people understand that such stupid quotas are made for only a few who are already priviliged enuff. But who can teach these assholes??

The so called Dalit kI Beti Mayawati is such a big bitch. She can spend more than a Crore of Rupees on her b'day but wud never help any backward policy to get thru. She was the one who gave approval to Taj Corridor project but unfortunately the Congress is getting support from her in Central govt. She wud not spare a chance to abuse BJP, Congress and Mulayam Singh (UP CM another Goonda cum Politician) but wud take their support and form govt anytime. She does not have a single issue to raise in politics except for a fight for Dalits. But actually that fight is just for her own interests and exisitence. She has made Kanshi Ram captive with her muscle power. The goondi of UP wud ask for votes saying I am being harassed. Bloody liar bitch!!
Anyways the list of such politicians is never ending. Take for example Ram Vilas Paswan. He wud praise Sonia Gandhi, Lalu and everyone till they support him in Bihar election. But when it came to govt formation, those same Sonia and Lalu became non secular and anti Dalit. I dont understand how come this happen so fast that Sonia , Lalu and others change without themselves being aware. Another idiotic leader in this leader is Uma Bharti of BJP. Uff how I wish that she was little educated. She is flambuoyant but without common sense. She believes in raising issues by walking out of meetings. That is just vote politics. She wud realize her level soon.I pity this lady. How immoral these ladies like Sushma Sawraj and Uma Bharti could be I saw when Sonia was being offered PM post.
anyways the these leaders are none of my business. I want to keep my blog clean of shit.

Coming back to issue of reservations, I cud find such a lull over this issue among all political circles that is deafening.How cud anyone commit suicide in politics by just opposing this issue but the awareness is also less among people. The politicians who are bringing these issues up are not at all in favor of any kind of development. Let the fucked up oldie Arjun Singh come up and sit in any test today. He cant score a single pass mark in whichever field he specializes. I put a blind bet on that. And it is he, who is making competion tuffer for us. Bastard. Ur 7 coming generations cant clear any exam of any level u asshole Mr.HRD minister. see the poor condition of the Youngest country of world that the guy who manages the HR is near 80. Uff!! and then the PM and FM are best educated guys of country's govt. If they can drive the economy (their area of specilazation) then why not hire an MBA-HR to manage HR of country.

People tend ignore castes but these are the guys who wud never let us forget it. They wud fan all bad sentiments to bake their bread. People can be made aware of all this but for that it is imperative to have them educated. And that is what these politicians wud never allow to happen. Educated voter wud never vote for Mayawati or anybody asking for vote just because he is of his caste. Educated person wud not deal his vote for a bottle for hundred rupees only. they want more.They want roads, electicity. Not what politicians give. Promises!!!

See the Punjab Govt. They are inaugrating hundreds of projects now. Everyday Capt Amrinder appears on Advt in newspaper saying we did this we wud do that. Every nook and corner of Punjab says that they dint do anything for Punjab except for Water Protection which is under scrutiny of Nehra commission now. What is the logic of laying foundation stone for a project of more than years now??Only and only elections. The coming govt wud stop them(most probably this time Akali bastards wud win).What is the wisdom of cancelling work on Refinery in Bathinda. BP Plc left the project citing reasons which are clearly saying that politics has taken blood out of them. Now Capt govt wants to start the project just before elections. Bloody liars. They think that people are fools.

Well yes many many people are fools. The trend of political attachment is taking toll over the political wisdom. People of Akalis themselves say that we wud not work but first throw Capt behind bars as he did with Badal. If god gives me one chance, I wud blast both these assholes after putting dynamite between their Butts. Badal is the biggest cheat of world. HE uses religious sentiments of sikhs to dominate issues in Punjab. Corruption in Punjab was rampant at his time. His wife wud call up various offices to put sifarish. I am Mrs. BAdal here. What a way to tac bribe. These guys are also very intelligent. He has got millions of Rs but claims that I wud quit politics if caught. You wud never be caught Mr.Badal. We are so sure about it because all you thieves oh!! politicians wud never commit any mistake while frauding public. When people can get away with murders from point blank range only because they are well connected, who can harm you who are calling the shots.

God bless my country.

Wah wah…It does nt get bigger than this.One of the best guy in Indian govt and head of state who is a leading

economist and undertands economics better that anyone in Govt has mentioned categorically that if India Inc does

not bring in reservations for backwards(can he please tell us how is son of an IAS officer SC by caste is

backward). How come he transformed from an economist to a politician. He could have balanced himself between both

roles. simple economics says that govt should be facilitator for all the activities in economy. growth is what wud

result by itself. and that growth is for every section of society (sorry Mr.PM, I dont consider people with

specific castes as underpriviledged,although m not an economist but i have common sense). Why on earth you want

bring those people into most competitive institutions of countyr who dont have the skill and more importantly will

to work. Jsut becoz he was born in a family of some caste does nt make him eligible to get a quota in IIM, IIT and

now private sector.Imagine what chaos wud persist if this quota lets in people who dont know anyhting.They wud be

sitting and doing nothing.COmpanies,IITs and IIMs are not responsible for clearing the basic fundamentals of some

guy who studied in a GOVT school. Mr.PM, see the way I exagerated GOVT.Any Tom Dick and Harry wud tell u that Govt

school at primary level are good for nothing.WHen u cant educate somebody at primary level and claim of helping

them, it is no help sir. You are rather cheating upon everyone.The backwards, the generals or forwards whatever u

call it and yourself. You are avoiding ur responsibilty of providing primary education and basic health in

country.and punishing others for ur own mistakes.
To be contd…

The so called schemes of govt of India for upliftment are nothing but farce. All the money assigned to such schemes is shown spent an all major reports by govt to gain polpularity but the effect is invisible.I am unable to find out a single successful scheme of govt which has helped in upliftment of poors abd rural India.(See the way I treat poor different from rural).Be it food for work or even flood relief funds, everything is shared between ministers,officials and their selected ones.Corruption is irrespective of state,religion and caste.everyone knows that if u want something,u gotta share a piece with another fellow wild dog. The vision at top of hierarchy is clear and may be well intented but implementation is poorest coz by the time you reach at the bottom of pyramid, the size of pie is smaller and number of people to share it increase tremendously. Never
The problem is clearly in the chain.There are so many leakages.
The solution is that people who are working in various ministries, who make the databases and are the helm of affairs in implementation process,they should clearly differente between rural and poor.Generally village is called poor.Wether it's Income Tax or any deptt,they dont differentiate between poor and rural.There are very very rich landlords in same village where you find small peasants who actually need help.Now the lazy bastards (read bureaucrats) who work in top offices, don't want to work at all.They would give details of some village without even visiting. I dont understand this attitude.If an IIM guy can drive a bicycle into villages to know the actual scenario, why not these officials use office cars or jeeps to do the same.The level of difficulty in both Civil Services and CAT is almost same.The case of Income Tax is really funny.Indian Govt doesnt tax agriculture income. It's ok if they dont.But that exemption from I.T. is being misused tremendously all over.Big landlords give cheques to black money owners and take cash plus their charges.
The best part is that farmers are not supposed to file I.T. return as well. What a fun we make of ourselves.First we encourage black money holders, then we tell them it's bad.It's ok to exempt small farmers but what about big landowners?If they file an I.T. return, we would be aware atleast about the money that came in and it would definitely reduce the size of the parallel economy of black money.
Anyways coming back to govt's claims based on spending that they sent out (or into their own Bank accounts hehe), I had a funny experience. I wrote to Punjab govt about the poor performance of Information technology in Punjab and literally no step being taken to encourage IT by govt.I put across facts and figures to compare Punjab's performance with Pune in the field of IT, a copy of this letter is still with me.Copies were marked to various senior officials and CM of punjab.After 4 days, I got a letter from a very senior official(I wont name him fearing Kickbacks for which CM punjab is popular hehe).He gave me instruction to clarify and correct my data.I had made big mistake quoting Punjab's IT export as Rs.150 crore when he claimed it to be Rs.160 crore.What a grave mistake I made when Pune alone exports software and services to the tune of Rs.6000 crore.God Bless My Punjab but I feel sorry for my Punjab and also the full army of Engineers which the 3rd grade colleges(like my own) approved by ex CM Punjab, Badal, would feel the heat when you would be out in market in front of people whom u cant fool like your teahcers in Engg college.

Anyways this guy, Capt Amrinder Singh (an educated cheat of Punjab as opposed to Badal who is illiterate Thief) claims to have added thousands of Megawatts capacity of power generation in Punjab. In reality it is only a little above 100 MW. This guy has literally shown his influence over Media by almost being a screen guy on a channel called Punjab Today which always claims many things on his behalf. Sometimes watching this Channel, you would realize that News reader is trying to garnish CM's remarks. Uff Mr. Captain, we expected a lot from you. but u are trying to feed us with your statements. You have not done anything to fulfill power needs of Punjab like your Akali counterpart(Both of them are no different). We are purchasing power from other states at as high as Rs.7.72 per unit but giving it free to farmers. Learn some economics you bastards.The more you give free of cost, more you screw the industry. The usual cut of a day has already started which was supposed to satrt in May. One month in advance. Then 2 days off for all industry units (imagine this for an IT firm) which wud sacrifice for the paddy soing which wud not be at all productive
(to be contd)

A Letter to CM Punjab

April 18, 2006

Respected Sir,

I want to bring to your kind notice that there is rampant corruption going on in every department in Punjab. Yesterday only at DTO office in Ludhiana I faced many corrupt officers who are not scared of asking for money in front of public. I saw that 5 to 6 officer or clerks were always standing outside the offices but when it was time to go, they were punctual to leave office. People like me went there every time and came back even after bribing them but no work was done. I know u and your govt officials would not work without hand greasing but now it has become difficult with that also. Officers and clerks (even peons) under your regime are so lethargic that it is tough to get work done. People lose time in such things and your officials would not let them go without harassing the hell out of their head.

I want to make mention about one Mrs.Kiranjit Kaur who is clerk in DTO office. She likes to see people fold hands in front of her. She has some kind of patronage from Mr.DTO. I am not aware that if she has your Aashirwaad also. In case you don’t have any connection with her, please conduct a secret raid on her house you will find more money than you have in your Moti Mahal. But if you have any relation, I guess I am addressing the wrong ears.
I am afraid you would ever check your email yourself and your PA and other people who are close to you would delete the email asap. They would abuse me. But you know I have to fulfill my dharma by bringing this to your notice. Anything which happens to me now is your responsibility. Although no use reminding you.


Yours Truly,